20/1/23 Jokes


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1. What happened to the man who didn’t have a towel after his shower?
He dried of natural causes.

2. “What a lovely pair of Blue Tits,” said one Bird Watcher to the other
“Will you please shut up!” shouted everyone else at the Avatar 2 screening

3. An American, a French, and a Russian are chatting in a restaurant.
The American woman says:

I once told my husband that I was not his housewife and that I would not do laundry for him all the time. He left the house. I don’t see him for the day, for two, for three, and on the fourth day, he came back with a washing machine. The Frenchwoman says:

And I once told my husband that, they say, it’s time to take responsibility and start washing dishes. I don’t see a day, two, three, and then he comes with a dishwasher. The Russian listens to them and responds:

Well, I said that he needs to sweep up after himself. I don’t see for a day, I don’t see for two, I don’t see for three, and on the fourth, the right eye began to open.

4. What did the Tibetan monk say when he saw the face of Jesus in a tub of margarine?
I can’t believe it’s not Buddha.

5. Did you hear that the brothel burned down?
It was whoreable

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