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Here are the clever life hacks I’ve picked up the last few years of my life.
These little tips, tricks, and tweaks can save you buckets of time and hassle.
Some of the life hacks which help in situations we all face a lot, but never really think of a solution for it! Here we go:

  1. Want free pizza? Just order Dominos pizza using Swiggy. The help-line number given for Dominos in swiggy is a USA number. So, now just call up Swiggy after 15 minutes of placing the order, and tell them that you cannot reach Dominos because of the foreign number given. They’ll refund the money but you still get your pizza! (swiggy might fix the bug if this answer goes viral!)

2. You are in your tuition class, and gets very boring! Your teacher has no intention of ending the class any time soon! Just set an alarm on your phone for the next minute, when the alarm rings, pretend that your mother is calling you, and has come to pick you up due to some emergency! Then, just walk right out of the class!

3. How Long to Read is a website that estimates how long it takes for a person to finish reading a book! One might want to check how long it takes to prepare for the JEE then!

4. Have a flattened pillow? Just put it out in the sun for 30 minutes. The sun will absorb all the moisture, and pump up the pillow. You can use those 30 minutes to reflect on your life choices. (I end up over-pumping my pillows)

5. If you like another person, and want them to like you, just go up to them, slightly touch their shoulder, maintain eye contact, and ask them to help you out with something. The moment you touch their shoulder and maintain eye contact, people feel an instant bond with you! The asking for help part is just an excuse to do it!

6. If you can’t open a jar, just stick duct tape around the lid with a little bit of extra length of the duct tape sticking out! Now pull on the part of the duct tape sticking out, and you can open the lid easily! This works especially for jars that contain oil because the lid gets oily.

7. You want to lie down on your bed and watch the latest (last) episode of the Big Bang Theory, but you need to keep your neck straight while watching the video, and you end up with a sore neck the next day!! Just open the Video in VLC, go to Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects > Rotate video 90 degrees, and voila! The video has now been rotated and you can watch the episode even when lying down on your bed!

8. Too many bags to carry? Just use a bicycle lock, and hook all your other bags to the bi-cycle lock! Now you got just one handle to hold.

9. Before going to a suspicious site, google “safe browsing:(website name)” to get a report on all the malware attempts over the past 90 days on the visitors of the website! Next time you click on an ad, you might want to be a bit safer!

10. While on a trip with friends, it is common to share expenses during the trip and tally the expenses later on, but more often than not, the tallying never happens and one person ends up ‘sponsoring’ the trip more than the others. If you feel you have spent more than the others during a trip, at the end of the trip, just casually mention to another person how he spent the most during the trip! This will get him thinking, and once the trip ends, he will take up the initiative to get all the others totally and settle the expenses! Turns out you spent the most, and you get your money back!

11. Want to eat a cream cake but once the cream at the top is done, all you are left with is bland old cake? Just break the cream cake horizontally into half, and invert the top half so that you have a kind of a sandwich, with the cream in the middle.

12. Want to copy a piece of text, or just note it down quickly? You can open a temporary notepad in your browser by typing “data:test/html,”! (bookmark this page for faster use!)

13. Your AC remote has stopped working, but you really don’t know whether you need to change the battery or whether there is some other problem with the remote. Just take out the battery and drop it from a little height. If it bounces a lot, then it means the battery is drained, it doesn’t bounce much, it means the battery is fine and you need to change the remote!

14. Ever wanted to read text out of an image? Project Naptha is a browser extension that allows you to select, copy, modify, erase and even translate text into images!

15. allows you to calculate the best time you should go to sleep/wake up from sleep!
That is all I can think of for now guys! All those mentioned above, I have used at least once in my life, and they have made my life much better! I’ll add more if I can think of more!

16. After eating spicy food, it feels like it will be too spicy, so put a little salt in your mouth, hold it up, spit it out, and rinse your mouth so that it won’t be spicy anymore.

17. Yellow teeth, you can chew peanuts and hold them in your mouth, and brush your teeth for three minutes, it is very effective.

18. Unsightly tea stains are left in the cups that often contain tea, which is very clean with toothpaste.

19. When raising your head and nodding eye drops, slightly open your mouth so that your eyes will not blink randomly

20. Small dust enters your eyes, close your eyes and cough a few times, the dust will come out by itself;

21. After washing your face, use your fingers to dip some fine salt on both sides of the nose and gently massage, and then rinse with water, the blackheads and acne will be removed, and the pores will become smaller;

22. When you have just been bitten by a mosquito, it will not itch if you apply soap;

23. If the throat and gums are inflamed, cut the watermelon into small pieces and eat it with salt at night. Remember that if it is night, the symptoms will alleviate and it will be better the next day.

24.The hairdryer blows against the label. When the glue blown to the label is hot, the label can be easily torn off;

25.If you are afraid of pressing wrinkles when you are traveling with clothes, you can roll each piece of clothing into a roll.

26.Drink some vinegar when you hiccup, and see the result immediately;

27. Eat something with a peculiar smell, such as garlic, or stinky tofu, just eat a few peanuts.

29. Girls with long and thick wrists want to wear thinner bracelets, they can’t wear them hard. You can put a plastic bag on your hands and then wear the bracelets. It is very easy to wear and will not hurt your hands. The same method is used to remove them.

30. The chestnut skin is difficult to peel. Peel off the shell first, then put it in the microwave and turn it around. After taking it out, rub it while it is hot, and the skin will fall off;

31. When arranging flowers, put a drop of detergent in the water, which can last for several days.

32. Put the walnuts in the pot and steam for ten minutes, take them out, put them in cold water, and smash them, you can take out the whole peach kernels.

33. When insomnia, many people will drink fresh milk or count sheep, but it is more difficult to fall asleep. In fact, the principle of ordinary people’s breathing is short inhalation and long exhalation. If you want to sleep peacefully next time, just the opposite principle is to breathe in long and exhale. Just short, you will fall asleep in five minutes;

34. A can of cola has twelve spoons of simple sugar, which means that it will directly become the sugar in our body after drinking;

35. Some people lose weight and skip breakfast. In fact, the effect is the opposite. They will be more obese. Because the time between dinner is too long, they will eat more next time they eat. If you skip breakfast and make yourself empty, you will quickly get gallstones, because there is no food in the belly, the gall will discharge some secretions, and over time, it will become gallstones. And skipping breakfast will reduce your metabolism. The principle of weight loss is to strengthen your metabolism so that you can burn fat, so you cannot lose weight. Breakfast is the most important every day, and it should be the richest. You can eat flour, rice or bread, etc., don’t be afraid of high calories, because the human body will naturally consume it after a day’s activities, but be careful in the afternoon and at dinner;

36. The dentist recommends that you brush your teeth after breakfast, because the oral cavity is the most unclean part of the body, worse than the anus, especially after eating, it has the most bacteria.

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