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Some unwritten social rules everyone should know pt1

Read ALL of them. Use the ones that can make your life better and ignore the ones that can. 2. Compliment the meal when you’re a guest in someone’s home.…

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Life Hacks 2

Here are the clever life hacks I’ve picked up the last few years of my life.These little tips, tricks, and tweaks can save you buckets of time and hassle.Some of…

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Ways To Make Friends/Meet People As An Adult

Just like the way kids in kindergarten usually make friends, don’t kill the kid in you and try to make friends with no intentions in mind (sex, dating, etc.), and…

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Things People Stopped Doing And Changed Their Lives For The Better

1. Stopped posting their life on social media: I still post a few quotes, memes, and sometimes myself but I don’t post every update on my life. 2. Stopped taking…

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