Things People Stopped Doing And Changed Their Lives For The Better


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1. Stopped posting their life on social media: I still post a few quotes, memes, and sometimes myself but I don’t post every update on my life.

2. Stopped taking pictures in my favorite outfits so that I can wear them anytime anywhere in peace.

3. Stopped using dating apps, after discovering that most people on dating apps are more interested in hookups and it made me feel a little guilty because I judged most of the people by their looks than their bio /personalities.

4. Stopped using Facebook because there isn’t much out there for me.

5. Cut out all their friends who didn’t feel like they still had anything in common.

6. Stopped being extra nice.

7. Stopped spending on things that they didn’t really need, such as the newest iPhone or upgrading their phone when the one they were using was doing just fine.

8. Stopped gossiping.

9. Stopped judging people or taking sides when people or friends are fighting.

10. Stopped caring about who doesn’t /didn’t like them or how people gonna think of them and started asking themselves if they’re happy With the person they are at the moment.

11. Stopped staying awake late at night doing nothing, that would change their lives for the better.

12. Stopped reading too much from self-help books 🙂 (Reading without action is not going to help).

13. Stopped consuming too much sugar.

14. Stopped skipping a workout for more than 2 days.

15. Stopped overthinking.

16. Stopped binge-watching series.

17. Stopped plugging earphones all the time (it’s better to be mindful of surroundings).

18. Stopped saying Yes/No to every opportunity.

19. Stopped skipping my morning and evening walks.

20. Stopped giving attention to everyone’s opinion.

21. Stopped looking for a reason for celebrations.

22. Stopped being afraid of spending time alone and being around people who don’t positively influence their lives.

23. Stopped watching too much porn and masturbating; either completely or less frequently.

24. Stopped being lazy and just sitting around doing nothing.

25. Stopped being rude and learned how to communicate: I did this by reading the book

“How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

You can get this book by clicking the image below 👇👇↙↙

26. Stopped buying unnecessary items. learn the ways to not fall into the trap of consumerism. Think a hundred times before buying something and only buy the stuff which serves an important purpose in your life.

27. Stopped drinking water while eating. Keep a gap of at least an hour after the meal and 30 min before the meal.

28. Stopped perfectionism. Nature, which you as a human are part of CAN’T be perfect, it’s not a machine, so just try your level best always.

29. Stopped bringing their phone while chilling with friends. So that we can express ourselves a little outside the digital world.

30. Stopped making excuses, accept your fault and work harder to fix it.

31. Stopped arguing. Oh God, it saves a lot of energy.

32. Stopped consuming too much news. I don’t watch TV and stopped following news channels on social media. I just follow some current affair compilation videos on YouTube for educational purposes.

33. Stopped following most of these celebrities and never following these so-called influencers. Believe me, they don’t care about their fans even though they would love to sell poison to you and your family for some silly amount of money.

You can try these tips too, To try and change your life positively:
• Reducing screen time.
• Limiting my availability for everyone all the time.
• Mastering the art of saying No.
• Managing procrastination.
• Developing a healthy sleep habit.

34. Stopped holding grudges – big or small. It’s just not worth it. Either sort it out or forget about it completely.

35. Stopped comparing themselves with other people. I only need to measure myself against the person I was yesterday. There’s no other competition. Do that too.

36. Stopped being ashamed of protecting their time. It’s a priority to use your time to accomplish your goals. There’s nothing wrong with it. Have fun but DON’T give away half of your day to mindless entertainment/ social media/partying with friends.

37. Stopped being okay with not moving forward. This month should be better than the previous one. There’s no time for stagnation. If I’m not moving forward & improving, it’s not okay.

38. Stooped Not taking responsibility for everything in their life. There’s no power in throwing blame & finding & pointing out faults in your parents, your environment, your life, your destiny, etc. Just assume responsibility. It’s all your doing, always has been, and always will be. This means that you can control & change it. So could you do it?

39. Stopped Not prioritizing my health & well-being over everything. You got to feel amazing first, that’s how you’ll enjoy life & other people’s company. If you don’t focus on your health & well-being, no matter where you go, who you’re with & what you do, you’ll be like a ghost who’s not happy anywhere.

40. Stopped Not giving quality time to the people that matter. Family & best friends are important and so is spending quality time with them. Your time with them is limited, so be fully involved when you’re with them. No more half-hearted showing up in these relationships, talking to them while scrolling social media on your phone, knowing them but not knowing what they’re going through.

41. Stopped Spending money mindlessly. Build rules around your spending habits. No more spending money on things that you don’t really need.

42. Stopped Expecting things from anyone else but myself. It’s easier said than done, I get it. But it’s essential. Stop expecting from people because you can’t always be fulfilled with that. Someone is always going to do something to disappoint you & it will hurt but you won’t be able to do anything about it. Instead, only expect things from yourself. And when you disappoint yourself, it’ll hurt but you’ll be able to do something about it.

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